Aerobics Steps


The use of aerobics steps as an integrated part of your training routine could make a change for the progress you make with training. There are various types of aerobics steps and moves. Stepping requires the use of an item of gym gear called aerobics stepper. Such devices come in basic and adjustable formats, for different difficulty levels. Here is how aerobics steps are integrated in the routine!

If you train at the gym, the trainer is most likely to create a choreography. In fact, thanks to all sorts of exciting music beats, the variations of the aerobics steps are huge. There is no limitation to the way you train, because you can always add something extra that makes the exercise more entertaining. Learning the choreographic routine does indeed take a little time, but it's not difficult, and you should master it in a session or two.

Normally, the trainer will use a choreography for around two or three weeks, then, he/she will change the pattern for variety and as a measure to avoid the training plateau. However, you should first go through the basics, learning about the correct body posture required for stepping before you start learning aerobics routines. The basic aerobic steps require an alternation of the right foot with the left foot when stepping up and down.

Sometimes, on the coach's signal you will change between the right basic and the left basic without other moves in between. This means that instead of shifting weight, you will tap your foot. The taps are more difficult for beginners who are just getting familiar with aerobics steps. Besides the basics, other types of moves of aerobic steps that we can count are lunges, the corner knee, repeater knee, the V-step, the I-step or the split step. Yet, the list is more comprehensive than this!

You should not forget the importance of the warming up phase. Step aerobics stimulate the muscles, the lungs and the heart like no other sport. The entire body works intensely when you are at the peak of the routine, therefore, you should prepare your system for the effort by warming up carefully. At this stage, the muscles, the joints and the tendons warm up and become ready to support the fast, stimulating moves. Plus, the heartbeat increases significantly, pumping more blood through the vessels, together with a higher amount of oxygen.

During the cool down phase, you stretch to get the muscles to their normal length and state, and your heartbeat decreases gradually until it reaches the regular optimal condition.

Good luck!


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