Business Ethics: The Law of Corporate Karma

Business Ethics: The Law of Corporate Karma

Business Ethics: The Law of Corporate Karma

According to the shamanic traditions, the great mystery of being is that all things are alive and have a level of intelligence. This is because all things are a part of the Great Spirit. However, all things also function individually, in thought and action. It is in these individual actions that karma is born. Karmic laws also state that all karma, both good and bad, must also return home...return to sender!

Most of us don't have a good grasp of group karma. Simply stated, if you agree to be a member of a group situation, you are also agreeing to it's collective karmic pattern of return. So sooner or later problems at work, in your business or corporate structure will show up at your front door. It's like you caught the flu from the group...but now your personally ill.

As humanity grows in it's also grows in karmic responsibility. So years ago many industries caused environmental problems, but were not aware of that fact. However, karmic law states all things must return these industries don't really exist today.....or operate in a weakened condition [ in the future they will not exist at all].

According to my spirit guides, there is a big push these days too clean up the karma of the global business world. We know from the news that many business institutions, and even very large corporations are in trouble these days..many will not make it through the heavy gate of karmic return. They will fail.............

On the brighter side, Spirit is not against business, but is really now what?The newer business model that is emerging is much more holistic. By agreeing to function more holistically, much less damaging karma developes.....and if you're really aware of all business levels...very little negative karma developes. So, if you're in a corporate or business situation, and things are not really going right...take the time to clear the issues up, before you catch the karmic flu!

Just at the environmental level, many things should be addressed....but just start by keeping your office or work space clean and organized....this helps clear out negative energy patterns. Taking it one step further...use Feng Shui tools and techniques if you know how. Or buy a book, hire a consultant or use trial and error to solve some of the ongoing issues around you at the job or business.

Jerry publishes an online magazine and newsletter dealing with shamanism and holism as they aply to life and business.

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Business Ethics: The Law of Corporate Karma
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